Stadium Bag Guidelines - Festival, Sporting Events, Clear Bag Policy, Etc

Stadium Bag Guidelines - Festival, Sporting Events, Clear Bag Policy, Etc

We’ve all been there before. You’ve got your jersey on, your tickets are printed, you’re totally ready to go — and then you realize you forgot to check the stadium bag requirements. 

We’re here to help with that moment of panic. Read below to see what we always recommend looking for in a stadium bag and how to stay one step ahead of the game. 

First things first… what is a clear bag policy?

Clear bag policies require that all bags entering a stadium are transparent, so items inside your bag should be visible from the outside. Some stadiums have additional size requirements that vary per location.

What to look for in a stadium bag

Investing in a stadium bag that will be useful on multiple occasions is a smart move so you can avoid buying single-use items, and so you always have a trusted transparent bag on-hand (you never know when someone will offer you last minute concert tickets and one can never be too prepared!). There are a few key elements that tell a quality stadium bag apart from the rest. Here’s what we recommend looking for.

1.     If it’s clear…

You’re in the clear. The number 1 thing to look for in a stadium bag is, of course, if it’s clear! This will ensure a stress-free, efficient trip through stadium security. Some clear bags only offer partially visibility or are obscured by exterior decor or design factors, and we find it’s always safest to go for a completely clear option so you’re not forced to leave anything behind at bag check! 

2.     Sizing

Now, it’s important to note that sizing requirements will vary from stadium to stadium, and it’s always best to consult directly with the location before you go. As a general rule of thumb, you want a bag that will fit under a stadium seat. Look for a happy medium that is compact but still maximizes your storage space. Our Stadium Tote, for instance, is sized to meet general requirements meaning it’s a just-right in between size so you can fit all your essentials for a full day at the stadium.

3.     Durability

Look, gamedays and concerts can get a little rowdy — that’s part of the fun! Look for a bag that is ready to play, too. You want quality construction like heat-sealed or seamless edges and thick transparent material. Especially if you’ll be leaving your bag on the ground beneath your seat throughout the event, you’ll want something you feel confident can keep up. Plus…  a wipeable exterior is a total plus when it comes to stadiums where you might see some spills (a.k.a all of them).   

Think of it this way — you definitely shouldn’t need to buy a new bag every time, and if your clear stadium bag is feeling wore for wear after just one game, it’s probably time to upgrade in a winning style that will go the distance. 

4.     Security 

Sure, something that is totally see-through can only be so secure when everyone can look at exactly what you’re carrying… but that doesn’t mean you can’t feel confident your items are safe! Look for a bag that is not just an open tote but has additional features like a zipper at the top to keep your items in. Our Stadium Tote also features a clear interior zipper pocket so you can keep important items like tickets or cards separate and secure.

5.     Aesthetic

If you’ve been shopping around for a good stadium bag, you’ve probably noticed that the options out there aren’t necessarily the most stylish. We believe you shouldn’t have to compromise your carefully planned outfit just for a bag that meets stadium requirements. Stadium aside, a clear bag can be a fashion-forward piece that plays off of the transparent bag trend we’re even seeing on runways these days! Fashion and function in one? Total score!