What Does It All Mean? The LONÉLY AIR story

What Does It All Mean? The LONÉLY AIR story

It’s kind of unsettling that we just get on these giant flying machines and release all control; it’s kind of magical that a plane can take you anywhere.

It’s kind of unifying that many of us will never feel totally settled, and it’s kind of special how it’s the little intangible things like this that bring us together.

There’s a specific and almost inimitable feeling when airplane mode turns off, and the ground starts sinking back in. When you send that “landed” text, or when you’re the person on the other end, and you know a loved one has made it wherever they’re going safely.

As a travel brand, we’ve been searching to make this sentiment real for a while — we wanted to freeze a feeling in time, and give everyone something that says “I’m just hoping things work out, too”.

We’ve seen Lonely Ghost’s iconic “text me when you get home” hoodies on friends and strangers alike, and the idea of transforming that into the ever-ubiquitous “text me when you land” tagline was really where this all started.

We wanted to make the universal truly universal — a collection that allows you to wear, carry, and experience that feeling of connection through just a few words from anywhere.

BÉIS x Lonely Ghost is a partnership created for the next generation of travelers, as much as it is a nod to our parents who taught us to send that omnipresent “text me when you land” message.

From red suitcases and luggage stickers to cozy sweatsuits, we wanted this collection to do more than just stand out in a crowd, we wanted it to grab your attention and make you think of who you connect to most.

So, welcome to the Smile High Club — we’d love to have you.



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